ASoIaF LEGO Minifigs on

My friend Matt writes for, and he’s just featured my Song of Ice and Fire LEGO minifigures in an article for the site! Go check out the article, and then spend some time with the rest of the content at Tor. It’s a great site for anyone interested in science fiction, fantasy, and anything geeky in general.

Edit: So apparently I’m all over the internet now. Matt tells me that the traffic from the Game of Thrones twitter actually crashed Tor. These are just a few of the links I found:
Comics Alliance
MTV Geek
Game of Thrones on Facebook
Eat Sleep Geek
Fuck Yeah, Jon Snow!


Big Damn Spaceship

So as you may have read in the “About Me” section at the top right, I’m kind of into LEGO. I recently, (over Memorial Day weekend,) finished a build of Serenity, the ship from the movie of the same name and the TV show Firefly. It’s a project that I’d wanted to build for years, and that I’d been working on since October 2010.

Serenity and her crew.

You can see the rest of the photos on my Flickr photostream.