Plants vs. Zombies 2

PvZ 2 was more than three years old when I started on the team. It was a game that had gone through several different design directions over the course of its life, but when I arrived, it was an exciting time to be on the team. My responsibilities varied, and included:

  • Taking ownership of design and balancing the “Power Plants” feature, which was released in January and allowed players to level up their plants.
  • Creating and scheduling Level of the Day content.
  • Designing and balancing four new plants for the game: Parsnip, Missile Toe, Hot Date, and Caulipower.
  • Designing “Veteran Zombies,” more difficult versions of existing zombies, and creating new level content for worlds in which to showcase these zombies.
  • Spec work for a number of new features, currently scheduled for development.
  • Working with PMs to plan out the roadmap for the game going forward.
  • Balancing numbers and player economies for proposed overhauls to the game’s mechanics.

Click on any image to see a full-size version.

power plants
Power Plants was the update that we internally called the “Core Loop” for the game. (Only three years late!) Players collect pinatas, break them open for seed packets, and then use them to upgrade their plants, making them better, faster, and stronger.



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