Finished the Dance

A Dance With DragonsThis week was surreal. It was full of sending out resumes to game companies, filling out other applications, and on top of that, I was working to get my additional Jagged Alliance 2 game diaries finished for Quarter to Three. (I’ve been doing one per day, so the fifth one is now available to read.) Which means that I ended up working to get all the video-game related stuff out of the way so I could sit down and read. I repeat, I wanted video games out of the way so I could get some reading done. That’s the polar opposite of most of my time at college.

But now, I can focus on the game-related stuff again, because earlier today I finished A Dance With Dragons. Minus a few little nitpicks, I absolutely loved it. Specifically, the book has enough huge WTF moments to rival A Storm of Swords, even if none of them individually are as big as the Red Wedding. One thing that specifically surprised me, without spoiling too much, is how much of an enormous badass Wyman Manderly turned out to be. He’s like Martin’s version of Titus Andronicus.

Damn it, now I have to wait for my friends to finish the book so I can really talk about it with someone.


2 thoughts on “Finished the Dance

  1. lol, you did Dance the way I did Wise Man’s Fear! starting reading it the day it was available and did practically nothing else till finished!

    arrghh, now I really, really need to start my SoIaF reread again. I reread GOT last year, and need to read everything else before I start Dancing.

  2. What’s the deal with spoilers in the comments, at least?

    I finished it a couple days ago and, I’ll agree, Manderly is a total badass! Surprisingly, I found my favorite character-chapters this time around to be Theon, Jon & Bran. Now.. I’ve always loved Jon/Bran – and I have a soft spot for the Ironmen & the watery halls of their God, but Martin really outdid himself here. [Reek, Reek it rhymes with weak.] He got dark!

    I absolutely love how much of non-Westeros we saw through eyes other than our silver queen, too. In order of liking, I’d have to say 3>1>5>2>4. Come on Winds of Winter!! I must needs know about a certain someone and his/her fate. -_-

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