Aeris Who?

So my post two days ago decrying Square’s treatment of Chrono Trigger made me really, really want to play the game again. So I’ve put my Fallout 2 playthrough on hold while I tear through CT a couple of times. (Gotta love New Game Plus.)

Note that this post is going to contain game spoilers, so if you still, for some reason, care about the plot of Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, or Call of Duty 4 being spoiled for you, it’s probably not a good idea to click past the jump.

Every time I play it, it amazes me just how many aspects of the game were so successful, yet still aren’t often encountered in game design. The best example that I can think of, and maybe this is because I just finished playing that part of the game, is that the semi-titular main character dies mid-game. Yes, you can get him back, but it’s a completely optional quest; you can finish the game with Crono still dead. For all the hype over Final Fantasy VII killing off Aeris, I wonder why Crono dying didn’t spark the same reaction. I guess specifically because you can get him back.

Even so, Aeris wasn’t the main character of the game. A loved character, yes, but not really the player’s avatar. Off the top of my head, the most recent game I can think of that attempted something similar is Call of Duty 4, which has the American soldier you play for much of the game die horribly in a nuclear holocaust. So it’s even more surprising developers don’t try that kind of plot twist more often, considering how much critical praise that scene got.

So yeah, anyway, if you’re wondering why it’s taken me until now to post today, you can blame Chrono Trigger. Oh yeah, and there’s also this big thing starting tonight called the Olympics. I’ve been watching the opening ceremonies too.


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