Telltale Is Just Crackers About Cheese

A fourth franchise has been added to Telltale Games’ ever-growing stable of episodic adventure games, joining the likes of Homestar Runner, Sam & Max, and Bone. (Although that last one has been on a hiatus for a while now.)

Telltale announced yesterday last week that it is developing an episodic series of games featuring Nick Park and Aardman Animations’ Wallace & Gromit. The first trailer was released yesterday.

Well, I’m excited.

I love British comedy in general, (I’m a Monty Python fan, like any geek worth his salt,) and Wallace & Gromit is a great series. I once convinced a bunch of my friends to rent The Curse of the Were-Rabbit for a dinner-and-movie night. They were all skeptical, but they all ended up loving it. Question my taste in film, will they?

If the first game is able to reproduce the feel of the animated shorts without compromising on gameplay, I expect the series will be a great success. It doesn’t hurt that W&G, being much more in the public eye, already has a larger fan base than any of the previous franchises with which Telltale has worked. My grandmother knew about W&G; think she knew who Sam and Max were?

Initial screenshots show that the game is already doing a fantastic job of recreating the claymation style of the cartoons, (I don’t think an adventure game has attempted that kind of look since The Neverhood in 1996,) but outside of its classification as an “adventure game,” there isn’t yet any information on how gameplay will work. I expect, however, that it will use a similar system to Sam & Max, since Telltale creates on a budget, and using an existing engine would save a lot of money.


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