First “Screenshot” of LEGO: Team Fortress Released

Valve announced at E3 today that they too will be joining the growing number of franchises to be made into small plastic bricks by LEGO. LEGO Team Fortress will be a reality, and the first screenshot has been released:

Seriously, though, this was made by a LEGO fan named Steve Barker, who goes by LEGO_Mancer. He also did a great job of Photoshopping the Engineer GUI into his photo of the sentry gun. It’s actually not as big as that screenshot makes it look, but it’s still an unbelievably impressive feat.

I’m a huge fan of LEGO in general and obviously a fan of video games, so when I see something like this that combines the two so expertly it deserves serious praise. More pictures of this fantastic MOC, (shorthand for My Own Creation, a common term among LEGO enthusiasts,) can be found at LEGO_Mancer’s MOCPage. He’s made some great other creations as well, including an Imperial Probe Droid, Robocop’s ED-209, and a fantastic snooker table.


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