MINERVA Creator Hired By Valve

Adam Foster announced today that he’ll be starting work at Valve in October. If you’re wondering who Adam Foster is, he’s the creator of MINERVA: Metastasis. If you don’t know what that is, jab yourself in the hand with a pencil as punishment, then go play it. Arguably the best single-player mod that’s been created for Half-Life 2, MINERVA puts you in the shoes of an unknown protagonist who is being aided from afar by the titular Minerva, a guide with a distinctly female voice.

MINERVA‘s critical acclaim was due primarily to Foster’s excellent level design, but it also told a brilliant, if so far incomplete, story. Metastasis was called the first chapter of the MINERVA story, and was itself divided into four chapters, but now all four can be downloaded together.

In any case, Foster’s talents will now be put to work on Episode 3, so there’s at least that bit of news that development is moving forward. Since it was notably absent at E3, it’s good to hear anything at all about the next chapter in the Half-Life saga.


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