To Hold The Mirror Up To Nature

The more I see of EA’s Mirror’s Edge, the more excited I am to play it. It’s like a first-person Prince of Persia, and the player avatar’s puzzlesque interaction with the environment, not to mention the somewhat antiseptic level design, reminds me a lot of Portal. That’s never a bad thing.

EA’s demonstration of the game at E3 showed a lot of new gameplay footage, (mostly from the game’s first level,) as well as a new trailer showing more varied environments.

During the gameplay footage on display, the interaction that main character Faith has with her dispatcher as well as other “runners” all occurs in real-time, while the player is in control. The result, as far as I can tell from the small segments of the game I have seen so far, is extremely immersive. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Mirror’s Edge works to tell its story during gameplay.


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