Still Alive Dead On PC?

Microsoft announced at E3 today that an expansion of sorts to Portal entitled Portal: Still Alive would hit the Xbox Live Arcade later this year. It will add new levels and achievements in addition to including the fantastic piece of game/story collaboration that is the original game, and apparently will be exclusive to Live.

As thrilled as I am to get more Portal, I’m seriously annoyed that it will be exclusive to the Xbox. I’ve mentioned before my dislike of FPS games on consoles, and a game with the spatial acrobatics of something like Portal would be seriously frustrating for me without a mouse. Plus, Source Engine games are some of the only games that my PC can run these days. Come on, Microsoft. Can’t you give my aging system that, at least?

Then again, the “exclusive” announcement could have just meant on the consoles, and not the PC. Console-centric announcements seem to ignore that oldest of gaming platforms fairly often these days.


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