Your Lethal Psychic Energy Is No Match For My Crowbar!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun turned me on to the news that the first piece of concept art for Half-Life: Episode 3 has been released at Into The Pixel, an online art gallery that will appear as an exhibition at the E for All Expo in October.

Originally reported on yesterday by Shacknews, the piece shows a silhouetted figure with a crowbar, who we can safely assume is Gordon Freeman, facing off against a Combine advisor in what looks to be a ruined citadel. The whole scene has a very cold feel to it, which would match the idea that Episode 3 will take place in the arctic, although it could just be the architecture. Combine construction isn’t exactly known for its warm and friendly design.

I’m just thrilled to see that Episode 3 is finally peeking out of whatever secret vault that Valve keeps it in. Hopefully the last installment of what Gabe Newell has termed “Half-Life 3” will unravel some of its tangled narrative and answer some questions.


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